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03 April 2014 @ 02:17 am
March Report  
So! Let's see how I did with the March to-do list...

★ write something for the PhD - nope
★ get started on Steampunk Inventor (and maybe find a title for it) - title not found yet!
edits on the Benjamin Pepperwhistle extra scene - done!
write the next four essays for Coursera: Poe, H.G. Wells, Gilman, Bradbury - done!
edits for Circus of the Damned - still work in progress
read 1 book - read two in fact! I'm getting out of the reading slump...
write 1 blog post - I actually literally just did it, because I absolutely couldn't mark it as fail for the third month in a row... but still! ;)

I also did a couple of other things:

★ wrote three blog posts for Benjamin Pepperwhistle's release
★ started sorting out items in the house where my mother and her ex used to live, since it will need to be vacated at the end of April and mom can't bear to handle it, while he's just too out of it to do anything. It's tough for both of them, while for me this is actually a big relief. Throwing old junk away, shedding dead weight is therapeutic for me, it makes me feel so much lighter, like I can finally put this anxiety-filled, toxic period behind me for good. So really, I don't mind being the one to do it, but it does eat up a lot of my time.

It was a difficult month. My 94 year old grandma, who was still very healthy, had a sudden health crisis and she passed away within a week. Just a few months shy of the tenth anniversary of my father's (her son) death. I have been meaning to write about her, to get everything down on paper (or laptop) to unload some of the grief, but I am not quite ready just yet. It's just... sigh. Hard.

Anyway... let's see what's the list for April (how it's April already is honestly beyond me!)

★ finish edits on Circus of the Damned
★ prepare Circus of the Damned blurb
★ hand in Phd material by Easter
★ work on Steampunk Inventor story
★ write last Coursera essay (LeGuin)
★ sort out basement, attic and apartment

Let's see how it goes!
Fantastical worlds, Fiery Lovejana_denardo on April 3rd, 2014 03:47 am (UTC)
I'm very sorry to hear about your grandmother.
cornelia grey. a festival of foolscorneliagrey on April 4th, 2014 12:53 am (UTC)
Thank you dear. *hugs*