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15 October 2012 @ 08:57 pm
Pick the first book Cornelia will write in 2013!  
Hello, dear friends!

2012 was a memorable, super-busy year for me. (I know technically it's not over yet - but, for me, it's already fully booked ;) ). There were some great things going on. I handed in my thesis for university; graduated; had internships in all sorts of great places; moved in with my boyfriend (when I'm in Italy, at least!); had my whole family come visit me in the UK for the wonderful graduation ceremony. There were also very sad things. And these last two months will be intense too: I have to hand in a Phd proposal which will pretty much determine the next 4 years of my life!

So, this year, I had to put writing on the backburner. But I kept accumulating ideas nonetheless - and now I have a pile of plots, and I just need to pick which one I'll start with. So, dear friends, I thought I'd ask for your input with this poll. Which of the stories listed below would you like to read first?

• The one with two princes

Fantasy / humor. A posh prince and a more... scruffy, unorthodox one must rescue a princess from a dragon: he who will slay the dragon will get the princess and her kingdom. But what if the dragon was a friendly intellectual, pushing for democracy, and the two princes ended up falling for each other? And when the princess' father (together with his creepy advisor) tries to take hold of the magic held in Scruffy Prince's kingdom, will the two princes be in time to stop him?

• The one in post-apocalyptic Florence

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi. Italy is once again torn by a civil war. Two factions are fighting in a devastated Florence; rebels with dwindling resources, and enemy forces with powerful automata. As the fight grows brutal, the rebels realize that maybe things aren't as straightforward as it seems. They must figure out the truth... and of course, how to survive.

• The one with the sulphur

Historical-esque fantasy. The most successful painter of the kingdom goes on retreat at a thermal resort. The owner is a beautiful man... as long as he remains near the sulphur vapors of the ponds, which he never leaves because of a skin condition. Once the beautiful man isn't beautiful anymore, will the painter be able to truly see past appearances? And when the king, displeased with the sudden realism of the painter's work, condemns him to be blinded - will he manage to escape punishment?

• The one in steampunk London

Steampunk. A series of murders among rich foreign gentlemen. An alcoholic police inspector with strange visions, that can't be entirely natural. A girl who was murdered twenty years earlier, whose ghost keeps resurfacing. A Spanish nobleman and his cohort, hiding something in the recesses of his house. A way too hot criminal who's only looking for justice, and a pocket watch that might be the key to the mystery...

• The one with the lightning flower

Dystopia sci-fi. Illegal cage fights in underground seedy bars, and clandestine betting. A fighter past his prime, carrying scars from a lightning bolt, who's supposed to train a young, arrogant, but all too talented fighter. But the local mafia has very clear plans on how the next fights are supposed to go, and they've decided it's time for the old fighter to get out of the picture...

If you don't have a livejournal account, you can leave an anonymous comment with your pick - comments are screened!

This poll is closed.

Pick the first book Cornelia will write in 2013!

the one with two princes
the one in post-apocalyptic Florence
the one with the sulphur
the one in steampunk London
the one with the lightning flower

I will announce the winner on Friday!

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cornelia grey. a festival of foolscorneliagrey on October 16th, 2012 01:47 am (UTC)
Thanks :)! I'm really curious to see what people will pick, too.

Also, after I posted this, I realized I forgot to add one plot to the list... whoops! Will set that one aside for the next poll ;)
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cornelia grey. a festival of foolscorneliagrey on October 16th, 2012 09:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)))!

That's odd - I tried logging in with my other account and it seems open... but I've had lots of problems with lj lately :(!

Ciao bella!
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cornelia grey. a festival of foolscorneliagrey on October 16th, 2012 09:28 pm (UTC)
Thank you again so much!! Hope I didn't mess up anything, I'm sooo bad with technology ^^;;!